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Value. Everyone talks about it. We deliver it. Hybrid Web is the company of choice for small to medium size businesses. Hybrid Web offers the most complete suite of applications and services for building, maintaining, and promoting your website. Whether you want to maintain your website or have us manage it for you, Hybrid Web has the right solution to fit your budget.

  Our "Agency Connect" program is a localized website solution that
focuses on agencies whose clients operate franchise, dealer, store or agent networks. We partner with agencies to leverage corporate branding at the local market level by providing the client's locations with web sites that are in line with brand objectives, yet flexible enough to communicate the location's unique benefits and characteristics.

Since we manage the development and maintenance of the sites. the client, the client's locations and the agency can all focus on growing its businesses.

Brief overview of features and benefits..

• Consistent branding across all dealer sites
• Ability to push national promotions to dealer sites
• Significant increase in corporate site traffic due to multiple links from dealer sites resulting in increased awareness

• High quality, corporate approved site at an affordable price
• A dedicated team of webmasters to make changes to the site throughout the year
• An easy to use browser-based editor for local administration
• Highly customizable content to cater to the location's community
• Sites are optimized for search engines to increase site traffic
• Push location specific promotions, specials and deals
• Visitor tracking reports

• Significant revenue and profit growth opportunity
• Fully managed, turnkey solution. Hybrid Web handles the technology and maintenance; Agency handles client relationship and sales
• Hybrid Web is expereinced in managing programs for ad agencies, specifically Yellow Pages marketing agencies

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